July 05, 2013

CANMAKE Creamy Touch Rouge Review and Swatches

Hello again! Wow, another review! I'm on a roll this month haha! I'll be reviewing two lipsticks from CANMAKE Tokyo.

CANMAKE is a drugstore brand fromJapan. They have a complete range of make-up products that are relatively affordable. I own quite a number of their products and while I would say that you generally get what you pay for, Japanese make-up products, even the drugstore ones, are mostly of acceptable/good quality.

Anyway, on to the review! I have two Creamy Touch Rouge lipsticks - #2 Misty Orange and #3 Sweet Cherry.

Packaging: It comes in a shiny gold lipstick tube that looks sophisticated and classy.
Price: If I remember correctly, I bought it for 88 HKD.

July 03, 2013

The Ultimate Laneige Water Bank Skincare Line Review

Hi everyone! Its been a while since I last wrote a review so today, I'll be giving my thoughts on three products from a popular Korean skincare brand, Laneige. I've been using the Water Bank Essence, Water Bank Gel Cream and the Water Bank Moisture Cream from Laneige since January 2013. Does it work just as beautifully as it is packaged? Let's find out! :D

July 02, 2013

Skin Food Lettuce and Cucumber Water Drop Essence Review

Typical Skin Care Purchasing Scenario:

You spend an entire day trying to find the best product for your skin type / weather / money. You end up feeling really broke and tired and unproductive because obviously, you can't afford the 5 different creams you found online and because you have only one face. So you agonize. Which product can I get better results with for less cash out? (~But the packaging of the other one is just SO pretty!~) It's an internal battle, and after what feels like pulling teeth, you finally settle on your final list and feel excited just with the prospect of using them. Visualize them sitting oh so prettily on your dresser next to the other stuff you painstakingly shopped around for, before. So you go the store, look through the shelves, but you can't find what's on your list so you ask the lady, "Miss, is this all? Where is the <insert product name here>?" and she says, "Sorry, not available."

*cue pulling of hair and sound of my heart breaking*

No, but really, that was the scenario from the day I bought the Skin Food Lettuce & Cucumber Water Drop Essence. :( I originally planned to get the Skin Food Royal Honey Hydro Cream which has glowing reviews on their website, but woe is me, other people wanted that too and exhausted the store's stock. I couldn't go back to the hotel and repeat the entire process of research-agonize-finalize, so I had to find something else since I was already at the store and had money I was willing to burn spend. XD