September 29, 2015

Philosophy Purity Made Simple Review

Hey everyone! I'm back with another skincare review. This time it's a product from Philosophy. This is such a well-loved cleanser and if you can't tell by the amount of goodness left, we like this too! We are currently on what is probably the 6th bottle of this cleanser. More on why we've repurchased this multiple times after the jump!

Product Description

Purity Made Simple one-step facial cleanser is an award-winning cleanser that melts away dirt, oil, and makeup. It tones and lightly hydrates in one simple step for skin that feels perfectly clean and comfortably balanced. Formulated for all skin types and gentle enough for the sensitive eye area, it deep cleans pores while natural oil extracts help condition skin. 


US$36 for 16 oz at Sephora or Macy's. 

We usually have this brought in from the U.S. but Philosophy is available in the Philippines. I haven't had the chance to check the price of this here.

 How To Use

At the end of each day or at the beginning of each morning, take a small amount with a little water and massage onto skin for 30 to 60 seconds.


I started using this product the same time I got my Clarisonic Mia in 2011. We got this based on a lot of beauty bloggers' recommendations that this would make the perfect partner to the Clarisonic. 

It has a squirt-type nozzle that's easy to control. I occasionally get a bit of product buildup in the hole sometimes but it's nothing a little water and scrubbing can't fix.:)

Purity Made Simple is milky, light and non-foaming cleanser. I remember disliking the smell the first time I tried it but through the years, I've grown indifferent to the scent. It doesn't bother me much anymore. 

It says it deep cleans pores but in my experience, it isn't able to do that well on its own. It's best used with a Clarisonic or a similar device to achieve a deeper clean. As for removing makeup, this is not enough to remove stubborn Asian waterproof mascaras. I still need my eye makeup remover and cleansing oil to remove all traces of makeup. 

With that said, I still like this product! My face is soft and radiant after using this with my Clarisonic. Even though we have other cleansing products in rotation at the moment, Purity Made Simple is great for days when my skin is sensitive or when I'm experiencing a breakout. It doesn't irritate pimples or dry out my skin. 

We're about to fully consume this bottle. We bought some new cleansers during our most recent trip so we will probably take a rest from this product for a while. Who knows though? We might end up repurchasing this for the 7th time. :D


I recommend this if you have sensitive skin or if you are looking for a mild cleanser that works well with your Clarisonic or cleansing brush. 

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