June 10, 2012

First post

Hello everyone!
We've always wanted to start a beauty blog but we were always too shy, and we never really knew where to begin. But after benefiting from all the knowledge and reviews written by beauty bloggers from all over the world, we decided to give back a little and maybe, we might just help someone out with our reviews. If we could help anyone, in any way whatsoever, that would make us really happy :)

For starters, let us introduce ourselves first. We are A and T . Only the initials of our names, for privacy :) We are both inclined to Asian skincare and makeup, because, well, we're Asian and we just feel like Asian brands are better suited to our skin. XD A is 23 years old and has combination skin, while T is 20, and has dry skin.

Anyway, here's to the next few posts! We already have a bunch of reviews lined up and we're real excited to start :D

About The Author

We're sisters in our early twenties, both with normal/combination skin, and a common love for makeup, skincare, and fashion.


  1. What kind of camera are you using for taking the pictures?